OC Timesavers will do the errands you DON'T want to do or DON'T have time for! Which are you? 

  • a STRESSED individual who needs help getting things done!
  • Busy Parent, juggling family and work!
  • Career Professional, focusing on work but daily tasks need to get done!
  • Recovering from an illness and cannot leave home? 
  • Business Owner, keep your business thriving but have to get my daily tasks done!
  • Seniors - Difficulties getting around, not feeling well, help with everyday errands!
  • Realtors:
    • Customize a package of services to assist your new homeowners become familiar with their New Neighborhood!  

My work background includes over 25 years of Administrative and Executive Assistant positions for Sales and Marketing Senior Management, mostly in the technology industry. A typical day would include customer meetings, internal meetings, local and extended travel, telephone calls, scheduling and rescheduling appointments, impromptu meetings and phone calls, high volumes of e-mail and more.  As you read this, some part of this is probably quite familiar.  The success of these individuals depended greatly on how organized their days could be. My objective was to make the most of each day and allow them to accomplish as much as possible. 


I began OC Timesavers in 2008 as an extension of this work experience expanding my assistance to ANYONE who required organization of their time! No matter who you are, EVERYONE has only so many hours in the day to live their lives, accomplish what they want and get as much out of life as possible!  TIME is the most precious intangible commodity we have and it seems we have no control over it.  Let OC Timesavers Errand Service help bring back control into your life and reduce stress!

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OC TIMESAVERS Errand Service
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